About Us

The Pickhandle Lakes Habitat Protection Area steering committee was established in December 2010 for a term of 18 months. The four-member committee has representatives from the Kluane First Nation, White River First Nation and the Yukon government.

The Steering Committee is tasked with developing a Management Plan to guide future activities in the Pickhandle Lakes area consistent with the objectives set out in the KFN Final Agreement Chapter 10, Schedule C, 1.0:

  • Conserve fish and wildlife habitat
  • Maintain diversity of fish and wildlife populations
  • Increase public awareness about the importance of the area for fish and wildlife
  • Recognize and protect traditional and current use of the area, and
  • Encourage public awareness and enjoyment of the area

(The detailed provisions can be found in Chapter 10 ‘Special Management Areas’ Schedule A of the KFN Final Agreement.) LINK

Proposed Habitat Protection Area