Creating this Plan

The Steering Committee will ensure the following steps are used to develop the Management Plan:

  1. Gather information -- including traditional, local and scientific knowledge. This began in February 2011 and will continue until April 2011.
  2. Conduct research -- Field studies will take place this summer to fill data gaps; These studies will include fish inventory work, small mammal inventory, and plant inventory both native and invasive species.
  3. Identify issues Community workshops and meetings will identify management issues.
  4. Prepare draft plan Steering Committee members will review the information gathered, develop recommendations, and identify the work needed to carry them out. The steering committee is currently working on the draft plan.
  5. Prepare final plan -- Beaver Creek and Burwash Landing residents will be asked to review the draft plan, with input to be reflected in the final draft of the management plan. The final plan should be ready by January 2013.

Meeting Notes: