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The SLWCC was set up to provide advice and recommendations to its member governments on the management of wildlife and their habitat in the Southern Lakes area.

During our mandate we prepared the Regional Assessment of Wildlife in the Yukon Southern Lakes Area.

This work is an assessment of the status of mammals, birds and amphibians and their habitats in the Southern Lakes area. It provides recommendations for their conservation and sustainable use. This work is meant as a reference guide for the parties and other affected wildlife management bodies and organizations.

The assessment is organized into two volumes.

Volume 1: Context and Recommendations

(PDF 1,187 KB)

Provides background and context for the work of the SLWCC and contains nine key and more than 80 supporting recommendations.

Volume 2: Species Status Assessment

(PDF 725 KB)

Contains status assessments used by the committee to consider and develop recommendations.

In order for recommendations from the SLWCC to be advanced there will need to be good will and collaboration among the parties and others.