The Southern Lakes area is home to more than 200 wildlife species including:

  • Ungluates like bison, caribou, mule deer, elk, mountain goat, moose and thinhorn sheep;
  • Large carivores including grizzly bears, black bears and wolves;
  • 13 furbearers species;
  • At least 28 small mammal species;
  • 7 resident species of grouse and ptarmigan;
  • 19 species of birds of prey;
  • Approximately 100 species of migratory birds;
  • 32 species of waterfowl; and
  • the wood frog and Columbia spotted frog.

The SLWCC assessed all mammals, birds and amphibians in the Southern Lakes area.

The Regional Assessment of Wildlife in the Yukon Southern Lakes Area compiles all relevant and current information on wildlife populations and their habitat. It is the most comprehensive assessment of wildlife knowledge and concerns to date for the area.